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ABMC is pleased to introduce our newest addition to our portfolio of drug tests: The ABMC Xpress product line. ABMC Xpress is a low-cost assortment of non-USA-made drugs of abuse tests covering a wide range of options, including: single panel dip tests, multi-panel dip tests, CLIA-Waived all-inclusive cup tests, and oral fluid tests. These tests can be customized into numerous configurations to meet your drug testing needs. For more information on this new product line, please call (800) 227-1243 ex. 2, or your ABMC sales representative.

Dip Drug Tests

The CLIA-Waived Dip Test is a quick, precise and practical solution for on-site drug screening. Results are produced in minutes, with an assay line providing a simple interpretation. The CLIA-waived Dip Test can test from 1 to 14 drugs of abuse.

Cup Drug Tests

The CLIA-Waived Drug Test Cup is an all-in-one urine based test that can be utilized in practically any drug screening scenario. These drug test cups can detect 3 to 14 drugs of abuse. Adulteration testing can be added.

Oral Fluid Drug Tests

The Oral Fluid Drug Test device is an all-in-one saliva based drug test that is used for detecting recent ingestion of 1 to 12 drugs of abuse. This test is Forensic Use Only, and is ideal for drug courts, drug treatment programs or agencies associated with the Criminal Justice System. This device is for forensic use only.

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