We Specialize in
and Care about Recovery

The 12 step process is key in treating addiction and there are 12 key advantages that make us stand out as the best choice in assisting you and your patients on the road to recovery.

  • 24 hour turnaround time from receipt of specimen, with early results available on request
  • Our testing menu is wide in scope and is every changing to keep up with the latest synthetics, bath salts, and frequently prescribed mental health medications.
  • Simplified billing policy that accommodates financial hardships and reduces hassles.
  • We know that relying on only Point of Care tests can result in false positives or false negatives and cause a major setback in treatment.
  • Specimen validity testing to identifying specimen tampering or adulteration.
  • Easily customizable laboratory requests and reports.
  • Testing with urine, saliva or blood available.
  • A fully paperless process with HIPAA compliancy and easily accessible results.
  • Full time MD Toxicologist easily available to answer questions.
  • Choice of laboratories and integration with EMR systems available.
  • Free shipping supplies and Priority Tape provided to ensure fastest turnaround.
  • We create a partnership. It's not just a business.

When you work with ABMC you get a complete team... We are not a lab

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